Alana's Report

Letters Home: My Journey Begins; Alana
I have finally reached the Age of Adventure. I am a Silverleaf and to honor my family tradition I must leave my mark on the world. Traveling to Taylon, I came upon some halflings hiring mercenaries for a great battle that they are telling us little about. They provide everything that we need except except a hope of survival. (Relax family, I am a Silverleaf, we always return home.)
As I assess my comrade, they are a sorted angry, ill prepared lot. There is much unrest in the camp and there is nothing like a group of frightened boys who know they are going to die. I have had a few minor encounters and although my sword skills continue to grow with practice the average mercenary is more interested in my feminine charm then my prowess in battle.
I have befriended a young wizard. He is still raw but has potential. There is a dwarf with whom I have been sparing. She is an ok warrior although her weapon skills are inferior to mine but see seems to know what she is doing with battle wounds. Something is going to happen soon.
My First week on my own.



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