Drow Infestation:

Be prepared, the Drow seem to be making headway in our land. Having secured Moonbrooke, at least temporarily, we head to the capital with reinforcements or so we thought. We have encountered several Drow war bands. They have been supported by Grimlocks and strange poisonous insects. On several occasions they have nearly succeeded in ending my life. They seem to have a special inherent hatred for me and will target me whenever possible. I will figure out a way to take advantage of their hatred. Despite my initial vulnerability to the Drow my blade has served me well. Slowly I am learning to coordinate my wizardry with the blade. Yesterday cornered by a Drow, I lashed out at it catching it mid-chest. Aided by a Song of Triumph, with one blow I severed it from shoulder to waist. To my amazement there at my feet lay a Drow. This is my first Drow kill. The Drow can be beaten with practice and concentration.


blackwoodja rab3470

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