Varak's Journal

The 29th day of the month of Highsun, in the reckoning of the orcs of the Severed Hands.

Just a few quick notes while I take a break from the clean-up.

I was right. And I’ve looked into the lifeless eyes of every elf body I’ve had to drag off for disposal and reminded the arrogant, pointy-eared, swelling corpse just that – I, Varak, a half-orc and inferior in your estimation, was right.

We were not ready. The enemy hit us with waves of annoying, filthy beasts in the middle of the night and the camp was overrun before anyone could get organized. Among the waves of beasts were drow. After wreaking havoc among the elves, they fell back to regroup. If they had had any serious force available, they would have massacred us. They did a fair number on the elves.

Back to work. I’ll have to carefully check the bodies and see if I can find a composite bow or some more daggers. I have a feeling I’ll need them.


blackwoodja blackwoodja

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