Week 1

The Journey North

The party was given its first tastes of the world of Aldaron. Each person was pulled from their home, tempted with different rewards, for their service in an Elven sanctioned journey.

One man, a wizard, traveled from Weatherlight to Taylon on a boat and was introduced to Alana Silverleaf, an elf from the surrounding forest. The two shared conversation as they were herded into large, fast traveling wagons and began their journey north.

A half-orc, named Varak, was pulled into the conflict as well, despite his disagreement with the Elvish Court representatives. He traveled to Taylon as well, then north in a separate wagon.

It took five days to travel from Taylon to the Elven Military city. After six hours of rest, they were placed back into their wagons and began a five day trip further north, through The MadLands. They finally stopped their travels on the outskirts of a desolate land. Standing at the edge of this area, one can see a strange water source that flows north from the edge of the desiccated plane, parallel to a mountain range in the east. The two create a passage that travels north, trapped between the strange river and the steep mountain range, and the party is informed that after two days of rest, they will continue down this pass on foot.

After being released to explore the camp, the group discovers numerous conflicts arising in the camp and it is apparent that, if a battle were to be fought, the contention would lay waste to army.
The group begins to amend these quarrels, as best they can, and are introduced to some significant individuals. They begin to create their reputations among the groups as they attempt to heal the fractures.

They are successful in numerous of their ventures.
Thorodron, the Wizard, makes friends with a particularly nasty gnome and Simon Tealeaf — a halfling merchant. He then works his way in close with a group of Dwarves, earning himself some drinking buddies as the night progresses.
Alana Silverleaf, the Elven Hexblade, dances her way through the conflicts, bringing a much needed release of tension to the men of the army. She manages to calm quarrels between guards and criminals as well as get introduced to a particularly interesting sell sword, Vance, who may now own her a debt of gratitude.
Varak, the half-orc urban ranger, eases conflict between Lady Seriah Dwin’ania and a concerned halfling investor, despite his brutish approach. He meets opposition, however, when he encounters a group of arguing humans and half-orcs from the Eastern Kingdom. Alana is unable to subdue the crowd with her dancing and a fight breaks out. The humans walk away from the conflict after it is brought to an end, though Varak secures his place with the half-orcs of the Eastern Kingdom and promises retribution to Uther of Sunkeep.

The group is also introduced to Thrace, a cleric from the Dwarven presence. Thrace and Alana spar numerous times and share in limited conversation.
The night draws to a close as Thrace, standing beside Alana and Thorodron, challenges a group of young, Eastern Kingdom mercenaries, to a battle. She hopes to teach them a lesson in humility to ease their overzealous search for their own blood.


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