Week 2

The Ambush

The party’s journey continues with a three v. three fight between Thrace, Alana, and Thoradron and three, young, human fighters from the Eastern Kingdom. Though the argument started between Thrace and the three mercenaries as a means to help them recognize their overconfidence, it quickly turned into a battle of bloodshed. Alana severely injures one of the mercenaries in the first few second of battle and Thrace drops the second, while Thoradron keeps them busy with illusions and dazes.
The mercenaries drop their weapons, recognizing their folly in their confidence, and surrenders to Thrace, Alana, and Thoradron. Thrace offers them words of wisdom and they tend to the mercenaries wounds.

The entire encampment bunkers down for the evening, expecting a good night’s rest before marching into the desolate land before them in the morning. In the middle of the night, however, the party is awoken by loud horns sounding the approach of danger.
The party arises and Thrace, a member of the Dwarven Priests, dons half of her armor and positions herself between two encampments, followed closely by Thoradron who had camped with the Dwarves the night before. Alana attempts to gather her bearings and locate Thoradron as the battle begins.
The army is quickly overcome by swarms of dexterous, ape-like creatures, covered in their own filth and screeching madly as they overtake the camps. A long, arduous battle begins as the party attempts to survive the long night.
Thrace maintains her position as a healer for the army while Thoradron travels with her and a small band of other fighters, distracting enemies to the best of his ability. He also ends up serving the purpose as a loudspeaker for the army, warning of oncoming attacks and dangerous enemies. Alana continues to try and follow the sound of Thoradron’s voice, but ends up trapped between two camps by numerous enemies. Varak, the half-orc ranger, attempts to fight his way towards the river, ripping through any enemy that comes between him and his goal. A mysterious monk defends an entire camp with deft blows, dealt swiftly and efficiently.

In the second wave of enemies, new figures spring up around the battlefield. These cloaked figures take joy in slaughtering their enemies, taking time to stare into their victim’s eyes as their life blood drains away.
Thoradron and Thrace attempt to defend a camp facing these new enemies while Varak has managed to largely outmaneuver them. Before him, however, he witnesses Lady Seriah Dwin’ania battling several of these figures on her own and appears to be holding her ground with ease, armed with two weapons and coated in the blood of her enemies. Alana, trapped between two camps, is cornered by one of these figures. As she attempts to outskirt the cloaked individual, it rushes to her, the hood of the cloak falling around the figures shoulders. Alana recognizes the figure from old tales and nightmares — The Drow.

Her shouts of horror draw the attention of the mysterious monk from the northern camp and not at all too soon. The monk crosses the battlefield and confronts the Drow, who, in his surprise, creates a dome of darkness around the three. The monk, however, is blessed with darkvision and continues to pursue the Drow — who is dead set on ending Alana’s life.
Alana manages to escape the darkness, but not before sustaining damage from the deadly Drow. She nearly takes another hit, but the Drow misses by mere inches. The monk continues his assault on the Drow, who manages to get swept away in the next wave of creatures.
Alana is knocked to the ground by the charging creatures and cannot find the strength to pull herself to her feet again. The monk slings her over his shoulder and attempts to cross the battlefield with her limp body as she cries out for the assistance of a medic. A Dwarf charges across the field, stops briefly to heal Alana, and runs off again. With her regained strength, the monk drops Alana to the ground.

Meanwhile, Varak has approached Lady Seriah as she fends off the creatures that had surrounded her. His and one of his orc friends manage to provide some assistance to the Elven Captain. As the last of the enemies fall, Seriah and Varak exchange words about the defeat of the army. Varak attempts to approach her about creating a small scouting party and Seriah eludes to a larger problem looming on the horizon, insisting that she be left alone for now.
Alana retreats from the bloodied field to recuperate her strength while Thrace makes rounds to assist her fellow Dwarves in saving those who can be saved.


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