Week 3

Preparing to Travel South

In the aftermath of the battle, each party member takes to their own path in efforts to reorganize the remaining forces.

Alana Silverleaf, with the assistance of Thoradron, attempt to organize the scattered and confused troops. They begin to set up a perimeter around the, now destroyed, camp while organizing an effort to set up a triage to treat the injured.
Thrace maintains her position among her Dwarven brothers, healing those that require it and easing the passing of those who have stepped too far to the other side.
Varak wanders the battlefield, relieving corpses of unneeded possessions — smug in his correct assertions about the fate of the unprepared army that had marched to their death.
A new arrival is also introduced — a human rider that had earned his place among the Elven Grove, a sect of druids. He contacts Lady Seriah Dwin’ania immediately and redoubles the efforts of organizing the remaining people.

As time passes, people become more focused and organized, which allows the party to focus on other tasks. Among these tasks are gathering information from Lady Dwin’ania, who has become concerned with a matter she still holds a secret, repairing the broken wagons, gathering supplies, assisting in the healing of fallen allies, and gathering and preparing forces for another trip.
The new arrival, Cadrel, managed to speak to a sell sword survivor — Vance — in order to use his influence to convince brigand troops to journey with the army, as opposed to traveling in their own direction.
Thoradron, in his efforts, learns of the Halflings plans to head south, as well as the Dwarves plans, and urges them to travel safely in a group — after he fails to convince the Dwarves to stay. He does manage, however, to provide assistance to the Dwarves and earn another twenty-five soldiers for the marching force, as well as recruiting Thrace into the party.
Thoradron and Alana also work together, with some of the organized force, to repair the wagon wheels for faster travel.
During this time, Varak learns about the ambush of Erudwen and is instructed by Lady Seriah Dwin’ania to form a competent party of individuals and to head this specialized task force. It will be his duty to lead this group into the most dangerous of situations in order to protect the fractured army as it journeys through Erudwen.

As the next day begins, the party starts their travel south towards Moonbrooke, the militaristic city of the Elves — located on the edge of a lake just outside of the Forest of Erudwen.
As they travel, they encounter burrowing gibberlings — prepared for the enemy this time around, however, the party has little trouble dispatching the foe.
Thoradron, Cadrel, and Thrace also manage to bond, ever so slightly, over Cadrel’s misbehaved pegasus.


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