The Apathetic Sell Sword


Vance is a human rogue, approximately 35 years old. He stands at six foot even, but his bowed shoulders and small frame make him appear much smaller. He weights approximately 160 pounds and he uses his small frame to the best of his ability. His armor is simple leather, dyed dark to match his worn black cloak.
He has gaunt features, a mixture of drinking, little rest, and hard life, that would otherwise be attractive. His hair is dark, shoulder length, with slight curls, left relatively unkempt and oiled. His eyes are dark brown, nearly black, and he leaves himself unshaven. His most memorable feature is his cocky grin.

Vance emits an aura of cool confidence, never appearing panicked or worried. His life in the Madlands taught him to cut and run when the odds weren’t in his favor, allies be damned.
He is content with the simple things — ale, women, food, and sleep — and is none too complicated. There are few things he won’t do for coin, so long as the price is right.
He is largely sarcastic and not afraid to speak his mind, regardless of whom it is he is speaking to. He doesn’t waste time flirting with women or small niceties with men.


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