17th of Firewane

Varak’s Journal; The 17th day of the month of Firewane, according to the reckoning of the Severed Hands.

The house we had sought shelter in seemed quite defensible. Thrace got busy attending to our wounds, and before long, Alana headed upstairs to scout and I quickly followed. We discovered that there were no windows, but there were locked chests on the floor and items on the shelves about the room. As we began to gather stuff, we heard creatures climbing up the outside walls to the roof. They proceeded to tear holes in the roof, dropping down on Alana and I, cutting us off from the stairs down. Grimlocks!

Alana backed into a corner, and I was knocked down by several grimlocks dropping through the roof. I lay on my back, wildly swinging my falchion until I was finally able to withdraw into another corner. As we fought for our lives, Cadrel and Torent charged up the stairs and joined the fight. We quickly dispatched the grimlocks, gathered the treasures, and headed back for the caravan.

We soon became aware of a drow scouting party that was going to overtake the caravan. Carefully selecting an ambush site, we surprised a band of grimlocks, being directed by a couple drow. While we destroyed the grimlocks, the drow found the caravan and took off into the woods. I stayed behind to get the caravan moving while the rest of the party pursued. Shortly after setting out, Thrace showed up, riding Cadrel’s horse and looking for me. The rest of the party was about to plunge into some denser woods and my tracking skills would be useful.


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