Night of Siege

Varak’s return to our group from his sickness was welcome. He brought order and leadership to the chaos organizing us for a common goal. He is strong and brave but as ugly as humans are mix in a little Orc and “oh my goodness”. He is brash, he is rude but he has the respect of the army and I guess that is all that counts if we want to survive. In the darkness we prepared to face our foe. Thoradron and I tried to detect them magically will meager success. For most of the night they stayed out of our range. It turns out that they have been attracting those “beasties beneath thee” with some sort magical calling device they place in the ground nightly. In the mist of the darkness Varak retrieved it almost being downed in battle. Ugly and valiant, what an interesting combination!

I would love to say that I earned my keep in the fray but alas my sight could not penetrate the darkness and I landed only a single arrow in the chest of one of the Drow. Thrace seems to have a deep compassion for the sick and wounded. From sparing, I realize that she can hold her own in battle although I believe I am more adept at fighting than she but her value in battle will not be measured by the enemies that she downs but by her comrades that she lifts up to return to battle.

We prepare for the night, they will never be able to sustain the beasties siege.



blackwoodja blackwoodja

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