Drow in the Village

Moonbrooke is a sedate but intriguing fortress. It is the perfect blend of magic and nature. Magic flows through every root and vine I encountered, it was spectacular. I found an old magic library filled with knowledge; I could have spent a hundred years but alas I had but a day. The studying was worthwhile for I found a scroll and hopefully some wisdom.

After much debate we have decided to travel to the capital and figure out what evil is befalling our land and to what extent the vile darkness has spread. We came upon what appeared to be a deserted town but Varak was ambushed by a band of grimlocks. The band quickly became a horde but Thoradron ‘s illusionary bear most of them at bay initially. Although he will do anything to find someone to hide behind, his magical prowess I find impressive.

I was ready for this battle, or so I thought. I quickly entered combat downing two of the grimlocks with my frigid blade. However as I positioned myself to protect Varek’s flank, he bolted to save Thrace who had taken on the horde by herself. It is then that I realized that the Drow wanted me. Darakness was all around me. I felt cold steel at my side and then nothing. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground, Thrace by my side in the darkness. She nudged me in an unknown direction and I crawled into the light. There was a small house that might provide us shelter so I covered our retreat with my bow. I must find a way to make the drow pay for their obsession with elves.


blackwoodja blackwoodja

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