The Siege

I have little love, or need of writing. The Grove however have always been strict in keeping their histories and, since no other members are here beside me, I have taken it upon myself to catalog what I believe to be an event which will forever alter our people. For record purposes, the following has been recorded by Cadrel, member of the order of the Grove, of human birth adopted into the Grove at the age of 5.

We arrived today at the fortress of moonbrooke this morning and what we found was truly a terrible sight to behold. The drow which attacked us on the road, were not a lone incident apparently. They have laid siege to the city and have hidden their forces in the forest nearby during the day while their foul beasts, drug up from within the earth, keep the soldiers trapped inside the city. Under a constant siege for the past several weeks moonbrooke is undermanned and the drow have taken our people prisoner, tortured them, and put them on display outside of the city gates. We (myself, a wizard from the north, a cleric, and a member of the Silverleaf family) have been placed in an advanced scouting party and tasked with taking the lead on finding a way to save the city, upon arrival we immediately tried to rescue some of the unfortunate captured, yet for every poor soul we cut down another is brought out before us and is tortured. The prisoners that we rescued are hardly alive, they have been so brutally tortured that they can barely remain conscious. The cleric has told us that should they even survive under intense care, they may not even retain their sanity.

It pains me to say this but I do not believe we can save these people, we are too few in number to mount any serious attack on the drow and rescue the prisoners they are holding. Yet without attacking, we have no way to prevent the drow from replacing the tortured we rescue. Unfortunately, Alana Silverleaf, has let her grief over the prisoners cloud her better judgment, and when Thoradron and I left to inspect the keep, she took a small contingent of men out to rescue more prisoners. She was fortunate enough to lose only a few men yet the losses could have been much worse. I can only hope she realizes that the best way to help the captured is to gain entry to the city and join forces with those left inside.

Tonight we prepare to discover what sorcery the drow have used to bring these fouls creatures of theirs up from the underground. Hopefully we will discover a way to repel the monsters and gain entry to the city, were we can join forces with those left inside. After much debate, Alana has decided again to send more men out during the night, I can only hope they survive through the night.


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