Week 5

Breaking the Seige

This week, the group’s appointed leader, Varak, has recovered enough from his illness to join them at the disturbed are to scout the Drow’s nightly activities. The group sets themselves up in small groups, with Cadrel and Varak each protecting one of the group’s magic users. Thrace sets herself up a few feet away in an attempt to gain a better vantage point to the west.

As the night progresses, the Drow journey from around the keep wall and along the keep in order to access the disturbed area. The group shifts slowly, hoping to figure out what the Drow are doing before they charge in. As the party finally moves forward enough to see the Drow, they discover that they are doing something with a magical device in the ground.

It takes only a few moments for Varak to charge forward and engage the Drow, at the prompting of Thoradron. After a few arrows are fired at the Drow party, the Drow darkness is used. Thrace, being the only other person with Dark Vision, enters the disturbed area to provide Varak with some much needed backup, albeit much more warily than the half-orc. Varak fires off a double shot, downing the Grimlock who was replacing the magical item, but it is replaced with a second.

As the final Grimlock traveling with the Drow draws closer to completing the goal of switching out the magical item for another, Varak charges his way across the disturbed area — drawing the attention of only one of the Grick. Thrace follows him into the darkness soon after, leaving the rest of the party to fire blindly into the darkness or focus on the retreating members of the Drow group.

In an amazing feat of strength, Varak pulls the magical item from the ground while a Grick and Grimlock batter him with attacks. Thrace attempts to distract the Grick, but is unsuccessful as her movements bring another from the ground. At the prompting of the group, Varak runs for the edge of the clearing, lucky to not draw the attention of the Grick. Thrace, as the retreats, however is not so lucky.

As the two emerge from the disturbed area, they discover that the disturbances under the ground seem to be following Varak — the one holding the magical item. The group deduces that the item is what is calling the Grick, and Thoradron determines that he should be able to disable it. Thoradron and Cadrel mount his horse to gain speed over the expanding disturbed area and give time for Thoradron to complete his task.

The group bunkers down for the rest of the night, which is uneventful. The following day, the group returns to the disturbed area to find the Grick still inhabit it. The combined knowledge of the group allows them to figure the it will take time for the effects of the item to wear off. This leaves the group, confident that the Drow will not return during the day, with a day to prepare for the coming nightfall.

There is minor disagreement in what to do with the second area to the west, but ultimately the group separates to set up traps, check on rescued prisoners, and discuss tactics with the elves on the other side of the wall. As night approaches, the group sets themselves up with a small guard at the gate to defend it. They see a group of Drow approaching as the week’s adventure comes to a close.


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