Lady Seriah Dwin'ania

The Scarred Elven Captain


Lady Seriah Dwin’ania is an Elven fighter, approximately 186 years old (27 human years). She stands at five feet and ten inches tall, weighing 118 pounds of lean muscle. Her body is toned with constant martial training and lithe as elves are wont to be. Her features are elvish, with sharp accents, and she is considered attractive. She has light green eyes and a lighter skin tone. She dons heavy mithral armor, etched with the crest of the Elvish Court, and a shield with the same design.
She is seen, at all times, donning her armor and carrying four weapons and a shield, all arranged across her back. Her most distinguishing feature is her burn, it begins on her cheek and extends down her neck on the right side, still raw from recentness.

Seriah has an unearthly calm about her and very little, if anything, seems to be able to break her icy exterior. She presents herself in a cold and calculated manor, probably heavily influenced by the sixty years she has spent in the Elvish Court.
Seriah doesn’t appear very caring or nurturing, her demeanor often turns people off and away. She is a woman of few words, but her actions speak volumes.

Lady Seriah Dwin'ania

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