Simon Tealeaf

The Reaper of Westfield


Simon is a Halfling Merchant, approximately 51 years old (46 in human years). He is 3 feet and one in tall and weighs a slim 45 pounds. His temples are graying, providing stark contrast to his dark hair and tanned skin. His eyes are dark, nearly black in color, framed in wrinkles from years of smiles, traveling, and conversation. His lean frame often sports merchant’s clothing, though they do reflect his wealthy stature.
At times he appears calculated and serious, at other times easy and cheerful. Simon is always with his silent companion and bodyguard — twice his height.

Simon is a professional merchant; deals, sales, and numbers are second nature to him and every interaction is a transaction. He can be easy going and relaxed, but his is a master at getting what he wants.
He keeps very specific track of what he owes and what is owed to him. He is also extremely successful and he knows it. His nickname is “The Reaper of Westfield”.

Simon Tealeaf

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