Theresa "Thrace" Ironborn

The Devout Cleric of the Throne of the Sun


Level 1 — Dwarven Cleric
Neutral Good

Str: + 2
Dex: + 1
Con: + 1
Int: + 0
Wis: + 3
Cha: + 2

Fort: + 4
Ref: + 2
Will: + 6

Normal: 19
Touch: 11
Flat-footed: 18

Initiative: + 1
Base Speed: 20 feet
Base Attack: + 0

Trained Skills:
Heal: + 7
Knowledge (Religion): + 5
Spellcraft: + 4

Concentration Check bonus: + 10


0th level spells are not expended with use
Any prepared spell can be channeled to cast any “Cure” spell of equal level


Thrace Ironborn stands at four feet and two inches tall, weighing in at a stocky 140 pounds. Her skin is tanned with her time spent on the mountain range, her hair is light brown, and her eyes reflect the color of the sun. She carries herself with purpose, straight backed and head held high. She rarely smiles and her eyes, as expressive as they are, tend to do most of her talking for her.

Thrace is a devout member of her order and is more concerned with honoring The Throne of the Sun than most anything else. She has earned herself the nickname “The Lightbringer”, for her choice in spell use and the domains she excelled in. She binds herself to goodness and cares little for laws that may stand in her way of bringing justice to those who deserve it. She believes that the honor of her order rests largely on her shoulders and that her actions reflect her order directly — as such, she holds herself to a higher standard than most.
She is more reserved than most of her brethren and rarely partakes of extremely jovial activities or conversations and even less drink. Some may say that she believes herself better than others, but this is hardly true. Though it takes some time, once driven to action Thrace does not back down. Thrace is also exceptionally protective of individuals — friend or acquaintance — as she believes it is her duty to protect those that cannot defend themselves.

Theresa "Thrace" Ironborn

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