Uther of Sunkeep

The Holy Light of the Eastern Kingdoms


Uther of Sunkeep is a human Paladin, approximately 32 years old. He stands at six feet tall and weighs in at a heavily muscled 220 — built from years of service to his order and constant martial training. He has lived most of his years in the contested territory battles in the Eastern Kingdom, weathered and tanned from the sun. His eyes are an icy blue, clashing with his dark hair. Though his years haven’t effected him physically, battle and survival have advanced his years in regards to wisdom, reflected in knowing looks and bodily tension.

Uther is an overzealous member of his order. Though lawful and good, he is an extremist and seeks to crush all that oppose him and his goals. His life has rendered him overtly aggressive and unkind to opposition.

Uther of Sunkeep

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