The Races of Aldaron

Aldaron is home to many different peoples and cultures. Below is a list of the major races of Aldaron.


The Halflings make their home in Kol. They are known for their skills in farming and trading and their livelihoods serve as the backbone of most produce trade in all of Aldaron.


The Elves live in Erudwen. They are known for their lawful, highly organized society. Their long life-spans have given them the time and patience to build an empire and, as such, are the only people to have built a strong army.


The humans are a fractured people and live in small communities for protection. A majority of humans live in the Eastern Kingdom, but they can also be found all over Aldaron, including The Madlands.


The Dwarves occupy the Western half of the Iron Coast. They are a highly religious and magical people. They have, for the most part, isolated themselves and are not known to intervene in Aldaron politics.


Gnomes play a unique role in Aldaron. They are highly adaptive and can be found in every culture all over the world. They tend to exemplify the cultural mannerisms and ideals of those that they live within and are accepted in all cultures. Though they remain isolated from each other, Gnomes maintain an affinity for their own and the potential for a shared culture among them.

The Races of Aldaron

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